ATOLLA 7-Ports Powered USB 3.0 HUB-Review


USB devices are widely use in the technology era nowadays. Using a PC or Mac always lead to a common problem which is insufficient of USB ports. Often we are to purchase USB port extension which mostly offers 4 ports as common purchase.

atolla offers a 7-Ports with power USB 3.0 hub which a bunch of features that packs into their hub. Here a review on their hub.

Powered 7 Ports Hub By atolla


  • 7 USB 3.0 data ports, supports data transfer speed up to 5Gbps
  • Power adapter : 5V/4A
  • Input : 100-240V AC 50/60hz
  • Output : 5V,4.0A(4000mA)
  • Cable Length : 120cm
  • USB hub cable length :100cm


  • 7 Ports USB 3.0 Ports with illuminated blue led.
  • On/Off Switch for each dedicated ports
  • Smart Charging Port with 2.4A Fast Charging Port on the side.
  • Maximum Comparability with all systems( Windows or MAC)


Most design that we can get on the market for USB hub are ports are usually inserted sideways and most of the time devices plugged in are flush with the usb ports. atolladesign their USB hub port creatively the ports are heading up vertically. This design will not only ease the removal of USB devices but also give more space to USB device that has large dimension.

Vertical Inserts for easy removal and more space for USB with large dimension.

Powered USB Hub

Powered 5V power adapter port

USB ports often have problem where USB devices draws too much power and unable to detect or use when the USB devices is plugged in to the hub. The most common problem we occurs are plug in to a portable external harddisk. This devices usually draws more power than a common USB flash drive which only requires only a little of power. With the atolla 7- Port Power USB 3.0 Hub,it comes with power adapter which supply powers to the hub and make sure all the devices plugged in have enough power to run.


Control Switch and Illuminated Ports

Control Switch and Illuminated Ports

Not all USB packed with a control switches, but with atolla 7-Ports USB Powered HUBthey have included switches that let you turn that specific ports on or off if you are not using it. They even have an illuminated ports where shows you which ports are on or off. With the control switch, user can saves the trouble of unplugging the devices and just switch it on when needed without unplugging the unused devices which also help the USB device organizations.

To turn on the button, just simply tap the button, to turn off just press and hold the button for 2 seconds, this is a brilliant design to also prevent accidentally turn off your device plugged in in use.

The extra +1 port for 2.4A smart charging.

The atolla 7- Port Power USB 3.0 Hub also comes with a +1 port which function as a charging port but no data transfer feature for that particular port. Unlike other 7 ports this +1 ports can provide current up to 2.4A which is also the maximum output of USB 3.0 charging port for charging devices while the 7 ports on has maximum current output of only 0.9A.


We totally love the design of the atolla 7- Port Power USB 3.0 Hub where the USB port are inserted upright to not ease the remove and also give space to USB that have bigger dimensions. The build quality is very good with high quality plastics and with a long cable, of both power adapter and USB cable, the place of the hub can as near as right in front of your  monitor where the other end is plugged into a USB port on the PC and become and extensions.

Special love goes to illuminated blue LED that lights up when in use or switch off when not in use. The overall usage of the hub is that is provide the expansion that a user need and also give an extra of smart charging port while still maintain the 7 ports usability when charging USB devices.

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