What is the advantage of a powered USB hub?


As the name implies, powered USB hubs are unique in terms of 'power.' Compared to ordinary USB hubs, it does have advantages in terms of power supply. At the same time, other benefits are worth knowing, so read the following.

A significant feature of powered USB hubs

USB hubs with power do not rely on your personal computer's bus power supply to work. They get their power from the AC adapter connected to the hub, and then plug it into a power outlet without degrading your computer's performance. Meanwhile, it is this feature that can bring you a lot of benefits and convenience in using.

Why you need a powered USB hub? Here are 4 reasons.


A powered USB hub has unparalleled advantages. Usually, a USB interface can provide a maximum of 900mA current. A regular USB hub can only divide the current from this limited 900mA and distribute between all USB ports, resulting in less power per port. So there may not be enough power to cover all the needs. But a powered hub uses the mains power supply providing the maximum voltage allowed by USB and can deliver full power without compromising performance.


Faster speed than a regular USB hub is another bright advantage of powered USB hubs. A powered USB hub can not only run a variety of high-power devices faster, and speed up charging and data transfer. Powered USB hub can rely on the power provided by itself, which can take a lot of stress off your computers. Hence, it is easy to speed up transmission, running, and charging for your devices and laptops. Check out atolla's powered USB hubs to learn more.


Running multiple heavy-duty components is a brilliant advantage of powered USB hubs compared to a regular USB hub. It takes power from the electrical outlet, so if you need to run multi USB devices simultaneously, a powered USB hub is essential to run the devices you plug in steadily. Especially for connecting and running external hard drives (HDDs), using a non-powered USB hub is likely to disconnect and lose your data.


Powered USB hubs tend to be more durable than other regular USB hubs because they are designed to run heavy devices that consume a lot of power. If you run multiple USB devices with unpowered USB, it would not last very long or even reduce the life of your computer battery and USB hub. Instead, powered USB hubs are needed to transfer data, run and charge various devices while protecting the batteries of the laptops. More importantly, it will cause less damaging to your laptops, which you surely want to last.

What powered USB hubs to Buy?

If you are looking for a powered USB hub, look no further. atolla offers various powered USB hubs featuring different numbers of ports. Take a look at some of atolla's most popular powered USB hubs.

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