Is USB Hub A Good Idea?

What can a USB hub do for you? Four reasons why you need a USB hub.

 1. Increase the number of USB ports

If your laptop with a limited number of USB ports, yet, you have other external devices that need to connect to your PC. In this situation, a USB hub can help you solve the problem of lacking ports.  Especially when you use many devices at the same time, including a postage printer, digital scale, mouse, and remote check scanner, a USB Hub highly likely become a great addition to your office setup.

2. Move a large amount of data between many different devices

There are rare but valid uses of this USB hub that transfers data between many different devices. If you want to back up photos from your computer, download movies to your phone, transfer files, and the data transfer function of USB can help you do all of that at one time.

3. Charge multiple devices on one port

If you need to run several devices such as external hard driver, screen, printers at once, obviously operate them need are high-voltages, at this time a powered USB can help you so much. Because a powered hub uses mains power, it can provide the maximum voltage allowed by USB to each device connected to it. As a result, it not only can run more external devices than an unpowered hub, but it can run at full power without degrading performance. Check out more about atolla’s powered USB hubs.

4. Be an ideal companion with you

The deeper the development of USB technology, the smaller the size of the product and the more practical it is. That means using the associated ports decreases further the physical dimensions of portable devices, specifically ultrathin laptops. When you are traveling, a USB - small, cheap, and easy to carry in bags or luggage as a perfect companion.


One reasons why you might not need a USB hub

USB hubs have valuable functionalities, but they're not for everyone. If your devices are all wireless, you might not need a USB hub. In fact, with the development of tech, a lot of devices with wireless connections have arrived. You can now find Bluetooth-enabled keyboards and mice, while printers, scanners, and external hard drives can live on your Wi-Fi network. Thus, if you the kind of person who hates wires and plugs and wants everything to connect wirelessly, you probably may not need a USB hub.

Additional note

There is a point that needs attention, there are various vendors selling generic USB hubs which may prove to be cheap quality.

A good quality one acts as a lifesaver, but cheap hubs may cause more trouble than solving problems.

Remember to choose USB hubs from market-tested brand.

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