Tools For Troubleshooting USB Problems

Here are some tools may help in troubleshooting any USB problems: 

USB Tree View:

This USB Device Tree Viewer, built by Uwe Sieber, is based upon the Microsoft "USBView" sample application found in the Windows Driver Development Kits. 

It is a better tools as it provide:

  • Informations from the Windows Device Management are collected and matched with the found USB devices; Therefore UsbTreeView can show the child devices, including drive letters and COM-ports
  • Extended USB information available under Windows 8 and 10 (taken from the latest USBView sample application)
  • Extended information about host controllers

How to use USB tree view?

1. Please download the USBtreeview software here according to your Windows OS version:

 Windows System Version:
 Download Link:
Windows OS 32-bit edition:
Windows OS 64-bit edition:

2. Extract the software from the zip file. 

Extract USBtreeview

3. Install the "UsbTreeView.exe" application by double-click it. 
install USBtreeview 
4. Save the XML report onto your computer. 
Save USBtreeview Report
5. Now you will be able to locate the XML report from the place you saved the file. Please send the file to atolla support team by sending us an email

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