1) Drivers: 

Note: Click the driver type to download the drivers.

Driver Type Description Version Release Date File Size
UEFI UEFI UNDI Driver(32/64/ARM) v2.036 2021/09/22 124.18 KB
Win11 Win11 Auto Installation Program (NetAdapterCx) v1152.4,1153.7,1156.7,1155.4 2022/06/29 5.84 MB
Win10 Win10 Auto Installation Program v10.53.20 2022/06/29 5.43 MB
Win8/8.1 Win8, Win8.1 and Server 2012 Auto Installation Program v8.68.20 2021/12/28 5.32 MB
Win7 Win7 and Server 2008 R2 Auto Installation Program v7.61.20 2021/12/28 5.26 MB
Vista Vista and Server 2008 Auto Installation Program v6.27 2018/03/06 9.37 MB
WinXP WinXP Auto Installation Program v5.23 2018/03/06 9.19 MB
MAC OS         
MAC OS Mac OS 10.9 to 10.15 v1.0.22 2020/12/21 325 KB
MAC OS Mac OS 10.8 v1.0.22 2020/12/21 450 KB
LINUX  USB NIC Linux driver for kernel up to 5.17 v2.16.1 2020/05/04 70.35 KB


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